Astra is a travel social network that focuses on users with rich, authentic content development mechanisms that allow users to experience a world of accurate and interesting information.

Astra creates a community of people who love and want to explore tourism, where proven, trustworthy stories and valuable experiences are exchanged, thereby inspiring movements. Through those shared trips, Astra brings Vietnamese culture, people and wonders to the world, promotes Vietnam's tourism development.



Astra positions itself in the future as a billion-dollar business, accounting for 5% of the global OTA market, the Astra application becomes the must-have application for travel-loving.

In the time to come, Astra wants to become a tourism social network owning the global presence, connecting the tourism community across the continents with a single touch of Astra users.

Milestones of Astra
Các cột mốc đã qua của Astra